HT Baybars Text

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License type: commercial for designers.
License range: pitches, client presentations, personal projects.
Font formats:.otf.

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Baybars Text Font is the culmination of extensive research on classic Arabic typographic designs that I have worked on for a long time. I aim to offer a unique tool for enthusiasts of Naskh fonts specifically and text fonts in general. "Baybars Text strikes a balance between purely traditional handmade scripts and strictly geometric fonts with their well-known proportions and precision.

Designed with great attention to detail and care in drawing connections, "Baybars Text" ensures high clarity in both large and small sizes while successfully conveying a sense of modernity and authenticity at first glance.

The font is based on two main directions: a serif and a sans-serif style, allowing users to alter the font’s personality easily. It also includes several distinctive alternative glyphs such as the open ‘Ain and Ghain, the extended Meem, and the Zandari-style Kaf, along with a curved alternative shape for the Indian numeral 2. This makes "Baybars Text" an ideal choice for use in magazines, books, branding, and bilingual projects.

We have included some rarely offered weights in the text font family to give designers greater flexibility. In addition to the usual thin, light, regular, medium, and bold weights, "Baybars Text" also offers a fine and extra weight. The font supports Persian, Urdu, Maghrebi Arabic, and North African Arabic and includes Latin letters specifically designed to harmonize with the Latin and Arabic scripts.

For those complex projects where none of the specified weights suffice, Haditype provides a variable font version. Users can choose from various weights using the contrast slider to gain more flexibility and variety.

Release: 2023

Styles: 7 Style

Supported Languages: Arabic, Persian, Urdu, North-African Arabic, Kurdî, & Turkish.

EULA: EULA End-user license agreement (EULA)

OpenType Features: ccmp, Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates, Standard Ligatures, Swash, Dictionary Ligatures, Required Ligatures.

Designer: Muhammed Hadi

Foundry: HadiType Foundry

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HT Baybars Text

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