HT Heliopolis

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License type: commercial for designers.
License range: pitches, client presentations, personal projects.
Font formats:.otf,.ttf (for Windows users).

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For a student license, please send your ID to

Heliopolis Font is a Kufic multilanguage typeface drawn for screens. We meticulously designed Heliopolis Font to work with small text sizes while maintaining exceptional beauty that aligns with today's technological diversity. The Heliopolis Font features an entirely new look and comes in several contrasting weights to fully meet your preferences, with sharp edges and elegant rounded corners.

Heliopolis Font supports Arabic, Persian, and Urdu languages.

Release: 2021

Styles: 10 Style

Supported Languages: Arabic, Persian, Urdu, North-African Arabic, Kurdî, & Turkish.

EULA: EULA End-user license agreement (EULA)

OpenType Features: ccmp, Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates, Standard Ligatures, Swash, Dictionary Ligatures, Required Ligatures.

Designer: Muhammed Hadi

Foundry: HadiType Foundry

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HT Heliopolis

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